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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 4, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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so the teens, the fellow classmates especially, i just want to remind you, that you are a treasure. >> hundreds turn out tonight to remember a teen girl who paid the ultimate price for a simple mistake. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> as many as 1,000 people gathered tonight to remember an 8-year-old girl at a candlelight vigil. the community is morning the loss of 14-year-old jenna betty. she was hit by a train as she
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tried to retrieve her cell phone from the tracks. the crowd heard from her friends and family. >> reporter: it was quite a crowd tonight. you can see the pink ribbons are tide, not just students, but teachers, and family from the community, all stunned by the loss of this girl who meant so much to so many. grief is not a lesson many students have to face at school, but tonight, martinez junior high school pulled together, and shed tears for their classmate. 14-year-old, jenna betty. >> everyone loved jenna. >> reporter: a pastor asked everyone to send their strength and prayers to her parents and two sisters. he said each light represented
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the memories the 8th grader left behind. >> this is a time to remember her life, and who she was to each of you. >> reporter: jenna and her boyfriend were sitting on train tracks sunday. they heard a train and turned away, but jenna turned back to retrieve her cell phone and was hit. >> she was, every time you would see her, she just had this bright, bubbly smile. >> reporter: they talked about her talent in soccer, her sense of humor, and kind heart. many people wore pink. jenna's favorite color. >> she will be looking over us, and watching all of us. >> reporter: tonight, a lesson in the power of a community to come together, and help its young people heal. jenna's funeral is set for friday. reporting live in martinez, jana katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2
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news. now it hercules, where police reported the transgender studented who reported being assaulted now says it's all alive. the school board president said he is relieved, but the board acknowledges, the district has problems, and says just because this was a failings alarm, it -- false alarm, it doesn't mean they can let down their guard. >> we need to look into that. >> charles ramsey said the district now as an opportunity to effect real change, including getting surveillance cameras at hercules high. he says cameras would have made a real difference both in this case, and in a previous case, where there was a fight at the school, involving another transgender teen. facebook is opening its wallet. and just over an hour ago, the city of menlo park accepted the
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handout to hire an extra police officer. >> reporter: from this meeting, you would think everyone in menlo park likes this offer. no one stood up to speak and the city council unanimously agreed, and gave it a big thumbs up. the working class. sometimes gritty, and crime ridden streets of bell haven are not what you think of, when you think of menlo park. >> the shootings, robberies, that type of thing. >> reporter: elizabeth contreras moved her family from east palo alto, only to find some of the same problems. she's giving a thumbs up to an offer from facebook. yes, that facebook, to change that. >> reporter: tonight, the city agreed to hire a new police
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officer, funded solely by facebook. maybe the wave of the future. >> something special is happening here. i hope it's a statement to other jurisdictions about what is possible. >> something we, i think as a country have been talking about for years, is true public, private partnerships. that's what this is. >> reporter: the officer will be based in bell haven, working with public schools, and big businesses, like facebook. >> would he be essentially a facebook security guard? >> no. absolutely not. i think that's an unfair term for facebook. people think of a facebook cop, and it couldn't be further from the proof. >> reporter: facebook offered no conditions, it just offered up the money. the facebook is paying for three years, with the option to extend another three years, if it is successful. solar powered drones maybe
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facebook's answer to worldwide expansion. facebook is in talks to buy titan aerospace, which makes large drones. they can be aloft for as long as five years, and could be used to provide access in remote parts of the world. state lottery officials released these surveillance images. they show a man wearing a mask, pushing a scratcher's vending machine out the entrance of the lucky grocery store. the machine was later found a few blocks away, but it was missing most of the cash. some scratcher tickets were also taken. those tickets have been flagged, and the thief could be arrested if he tried to claim a prize. a 57-year-old woman from san mateo is sitting behind bars tonight, charged with
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murder. cindy lin burleigh was charged with murder. police say she attacked her 75- year-old woman, after the elderly woman called police to report her daughter and grandson were smoking marijuana. the s.w.a.t. team surrounded her mother's house. that's where police say the attack happened. burleigh's mother was taken to the hospital, but died yesterday. a new twist tonight for san francisco. bottled water will no longer be sold on city property. supporters held an unusual test to make a point. >> is this tap water? >> reporter: san francisco put its water to a taste test today. to discern the test. >> it was a big surprise to me. >> reporter: it came on a day the city supervisors
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unanimously banned the sale of bottled water, 21 ounces or less on city property. the goal is to cut plastic waste. the plan requires more drinking fountains, and refillable bottle stations be built. >> many options for people to get their water, other than from an environmentally wasteful plastic bottle experience. >> reporter: this promotional cartoon, the association says most people won't carry refillable containers, and they encourage consumers to turn to drinks higher in calories. >> norman bought drinks that were available. sugary drinks, also packaged in plastic. >> not very convenient. if i'm walking around, i don't want to be carrying a big water bottle. >> i think a lot of people prefer the events of that. >> it is set to phase in late
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this year, and completely cover all other events on city property by 2016. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. now, to the south bay, where san jose voters will soon be asked to decide to renew a tax to fund the stie libraries. it is set to expire next year. the city council asked voters to renew tax. it raises about $8 million a year. president obama unveiled his 2015 budget today. it calls for $3.9 trillion in spending. the president went to an elementary school in washington, d.c. to highlight his plans for increased spending in education. it also includes money for public works, and end certain
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tax breaks for the wealthy. republicans don't like it. more details on what's included for california. it calls for $37 million to help restore san francisco bay, and the delta. more than $300 million to expand two major border crossings with mexico, but it would cut community block services grants to $30 million from $60 million. new at 10:00, the family of the woman who disappeared from san francisco general hospital has filed a legal claim against the city. lynne spalding was found dead in a seldom used stairwell, more than two weeks after she was reported missing. her family is seeking unspecified monetary damages. a local claim is the first step before a lawsuit. the family's attorney said they do plan to sue. a bay area bar and grill makes an interesting ban. we'll tell you what you can't wear if you want to eat or drink here. >> a little more wet weather is still in store. >> next, a teenage girl
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sexually assaulted during an afternoon walk. >> totally mind blowing, really. >> the brave reason the girl insisted on reporting the crime.
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a warning tonight about a pop letter east bay walking path, after a teenager reports that she was assaulted there. tonight, fremont police are asking for help in identifying whoever groped that girl while she was out for a walk. ken pritchett is live along the
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alameda creek regional trail, near 880 where the teen says the attack took place. others in the community are just learning about it. >> reporter: frank, the main difference obviously between now, and when that attack happened, which was sunday afternoon, is that it was broad daylight outside. at a time when many people would be making use of this popular stretch of this parkway. we talked to neighbors who said as of this evening, they hadn't heard anything about this attack. kate lynn ellis doesn't live in this neighborhood, but as a professional dog walker, she's here a lot. >> i'm here five days a week, walking several different dogs. i'm really not uncomfortable. >> reporter: she's certainly concerned now after news of a sexual assault of a teenage girl now. it happened in the afternoon, when kate lynn says many people are out. >> during the day, i don't worry, ever. >> reporter: police report the
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victim was walking on the trail, and she was aggressively groped from behind. the victim was walking down the trail, when the suspect passed her by. then he came back, and that is when the assault occurred. the teen called 911. police launched a search for the man. the victim came forward, because she does not want the same thing to happen to anyone else. the neighbor who often walks the trail is grateful for that. >> that's really nice, actually. it's always, you know, good to know other people know of what's going on. >> reporter: along with the black mustache and beard, the suspect is white, wearing a royal blue shirt and basketball shorts. there are no other reports of similar attacks in this area. in fremont, ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. an apartment complex in palo alto was evacuated this
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afternoon, after firefighters received reports of toxic fumes. it happened just after 3:00 near page mill road. just last week, firefighters were called to the same issue. firefighters found a liquid substance in a bucket. they say the substance apparently soaked into the floor there, and created more fumes today. it took about three hours to clear the scene. everyone was then allowed to return to their homes. new information tonight on a murder suicide at a convalescent home in san francisco that we first reported last night. police confirm a 60-year-old woman shot and killed her 93- year-old mother at the central gardens skilled nursing center. police say the 60-year-old woman went into her mother's room, and closed the door. they say she then killed her mother, and then herself. at this point, their names have not yet been released. in dublin tonight, police
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are looking for three home invasion robbers. the robbery happened on cerritos street. paul chambers on the action dublin police are taking to alert residents. >> reporter: this new, still under construction development in dublin is a typically quiet community. around 9:00 last night, that changed. investigators say three men believed to be in their 20s, broke into the upstairs bedroom of an 80-year-old woman who was asleep. they took money, jewelry, and other valuables. the woman was able to free herself and make it to a neighbor's home. one woman said she was at home last night when the home invasion took place. >> this one shook me up. the others not so much, because they broke in when no one was home. >> reporter: the others? police say there have been four burglaries in this same community in the last four
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days. >> there have been similar burglaries. >> some of them want a gated community. that's just not going to work. and they want to hire security to come around, driving around at night. >> reporter: police say video surveillance suggest the suspects were driving a newer model dark colored chevy, or gmc pickup truck. that meeting to address the recent crimes in dublin will happen at city hall at 7:00 on thursday night. in dublin, paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. there is another legal challenge ahead for california high speed rail project. a lawsuit filed by kings county can proceed. the suit claims the current rail plan does not comply with state law, as hade out by the ballot measure, which provides $9.9 billion in funding. the price tag for the entire
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project is $6.8 billion. trains capable of making that trip in under three hours. a bill aimed at putting so- called pot doctors out of business is making its way through sacramento. those doctors prescribe medical marijuana freely. the new proposal would require a patient to get a medical marijuana prescription from their primary care doctor. in addition, doctors would have to tell the state medical board how many prescriptions they write, and why. the largest supermarket chain in the country is reportedly in talks to buy part of the second largest chain, safeway. kroger is said to be interested in obtaining some of the safeway stores that the private equity firm may not want. radioshack says it is closing up to 1100 stores around the country, because of
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declining sales. we reached out to the texas based company to see if any bay area stores will be closed. but officials have not returned our calls. after the closures, radioshack will still have more than 400 stores nationwide. a lot of clouds out there right now, we've guilty a little bit of moisture offshore. overnight, there's a chance for a light sprinkle, or a light drizzle. the computer model sees it like this. we're going into tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. here's what i am talking about right here. talking about, let me get this mic real quick here. talking about the rain, to the north here. those showers are going to continue to sort of work their way south. that's 7:00 a.m. now we go into 6:00 tomorrow evening. you can see showers. not really showers, but just some moisture, and then showers to the north. these showers are going to push through, overnight wednesday, into thursday morning. so tomorrow is a dry day. clouds, maybe a little bit of
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drizzle, because we head into thursday morning, this stuff moves in. when i come back, i'll roll that all the way to thursday. and a chance of rain for the weekend. tonight is fat tuesday in new orleans. san francisco is having its own mardi gras celebration. ♪ [ music ] >> fillmore plaza is the place to be for music, and dancing. the event is free. but with a $10 wrist band, you can get access to drinks and food. everything from chicken and waffles to ethiopian cuisine. there is still time to get over there. it is scheduled to run until 11:00 tonight. spending money to fight the drought. one city's action and the cost to residents. then at 10:30, there are glasses like no other and now there is a growing backlash mixing googles technology with happy hour.
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a neighbor took these pictures of a massive natural gas explosion in trenton, new jersey. new jersey officials say two contractors hit a gas line, and called the utility company to help. the injured workers were from the utility company. they suffered broken bonus, and shrapnel wounds. now to the ukraine. more tense moments when unarmed ukrainian workers marched toward russian troops. the russians fired warning shots over the heads of the ukrainians to force them to stop after several minutes, the situation was defused. russian president vladimir putin says he was keeping the use of force open.
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president obama acknowledged russia has interest in ukraine, but said it has no right to use force. >> there is a strong belief that russia's action is violating international law. >> secretary of state john kerry was in kiev today. he laid flowers at a memorial for those killed in last month's protest. he announced the u.s. would provide a $1 billion aid package for ukraine. wall street staged a rally. the dow gained 227 points. nasdaq jumped 74. tonight, the benicia city council was discussing a plan to spend nearly $1 billion to buy water from an outside source. republic roth talked to some residents in benicia. >> reporter: to save water, colleen castillo mixes super
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hot water from the kitchen with cold water from the bathroom to wash her face. that way, she doesn't have to waste water to warm up. >> we have a big family. we don't want to waste all the water. we do limit their water. >> reporter: even so, her water bill could go up because of the drought. they called a special immediating to discuss spending almost $1 million more for water. the state is shutting off deliveries, leaving them to buy water from a more expensive source. >> this recommendation is being made so the city would be able to bank water to use either this year, or in the next several years if this drought continues. >> reporter: the added cost may be passed onto customers,
10:26 pm
including joy alberts, who uses money in her rain barrel for her garden. >> it's frustrating, there's nothing we can do about it. we still need to drink water. >> it's a commodity that costs more. that's the reality. >> reporter: they're expected to decide whether or not to raise rates on customers by this summer. >> other water agencies we contacted are not expected to make large scale water purchases, but are less reliant when it comes to the state water project. how many of your children's classmates are vaccinated? tonight at 10:45, the new pool for parents to compare daycare, and kindergarten classes. >> we'll tell you about the high-tech device that can get you banned from a bay area bar. at 100 calories, [ female announcer ] not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant.
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new at 10:00, no shirt, no shoes, no service. and now a bar and grill in san francisco has added, no google glass to that. the issue is privacy, because it is not always clear when someone is recording. customers are now asked it remove their google glass before entering. >> here at the willows, it's very clear. take a look on the wall. you can see a sign that says no google glass. the move follows a customer who posted on yelp that he was asked to leave for wearing the glasses. >> reporter: a new sign hangs in the doors at the willows. the pub received a 1 star rating on yelp from john p on january 27, saying the willow asks customers to remove their
10:30 pm
google prescription glasses before being served. on their sign, the willows explain, our patients have expressed concern with being recorded. kindly remove your google glass before entering. bar patrons say they understand the concerns about privacy. >> i was actually at a bar the other day. i was zeitguist in the mission. >> reporter: the ban comes just a week after sara posted this video to youtube. she says the hostile atmosphere inside a bar called molotovs in the haight heated up, until she had her glasses smashed off her face, and her phone and purse stolen. she believes she saw slocum recording with another bar. she says the high-tech glasses made her very memorable. >> we all noticed. we would never do anything to
10:31 pm
her, honestly. >> reporter: a sign banning any kind of recording device hangs at molotovs. >> it is both the person's national right to use a product where they see fit, and also an establishment's right to say, we choose not to serve people who have this sort of distraction going on. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco, christian captain, ktvu, channel 2 news. officials in charge of the new eastern span of the bay bridge were briefed today on the work that still needs to be done. we showed you the so-called punch list yesterday. the oversight committee wanted to know what major items are still unresolved. what things will require more manet thans than expected, and what potentially embarrassing issues remain. a new poll finds a majority of u.s. voters say they want to
10:32 pm
see hillary rodham clinton run for president. 51% of those surveyed for the pew research poll said they would like to see the former secretary of state run in 2016. 43% said they hope she won't run. just 7% said they had no opinion on mrs. clinton. israeli prime minister, netanyahu is expect today sign an agreement with governor brown to expands cooperation on such topics as water conservation, alternative energy, and cyber security. he is as slated to visit apple, and mountain view's whatsapp. only on 2, marshawn lynch on winning the super bowl.
10:33 pm
tonight, the oakland native met withamber lee. he opened up about his passion away from football. >> reporter: frank, tonight, we spoke with the football player, where he attended high school, and where he still lives in the off-season. he is most comfortable back in oakland, where he was born and raised. he tells me, growing up in north oakland prepared him for life, both on and off the football field. >> 5 years old. having some of your home boys getting killed at that age, you know, it prepares you for a lot. >> reporter: lynch says he's alive today only by the grace of god. seeing a world beyond oakland when he plays for the cal bears, was an eye opener. >> that the world is bigger than the 580, and the 880.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: to help oakland kids from a similar underprivileged background. lynch holds a football camp for them every july. his message? playing professional sports is only attainable by a few. but dreams of success in other arenas is possible. >> this is not what you might be doing in the future, but that shouldn't stop you from going and chasing it. >> reporter: lynch says one of the most difficult thing he had to do was to go to the football field in hours after being thrown in jail for driving under the influence. >> damn, i just let these kids down, and they're looking at me like man, you'll be all right. >> reporter: he says facing those kids was the best thing he had done for himself. >> knowing that i still was able to come out and touch these kids, and having an impact on their live was big for me. >> reporter: lynch was known for not wanting to talk to the
10:35 pm
media. he says he doesn't like talking about himself. he wore a hoody, with his nickname beast mode tonight. >> beast mode, like with this hoody. >> reporter: the name came from family and friends, to describe his moves at evading opponents on the field. he's contemplating life off the field. >> i've got a lot of hidden gems in my pocket. when i'm done with ball, i won't be done with life. >> reporter: lynch says the super bowl win still feels unreal. he says he's a raider fan, but seattle is close enough to oakland. lynch's goal is to finish college with a degree in social welfare. live in oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. a bay area family is calling for changes at one local hospital because of how they were treated after the death of their daughter.
10:36 pm
>> there's a right way to handle it, and a wrong way to handle it. we experienced the wrong way to the highest degree. >> reporter: 21-month-old morgan westoff died at children's hospital in oakland. their grief was made worse by a barrage of mail from the hospital, including asking for donations. we're putting that story together for tomorrow on the 10:00 news. after the break, an elderly woman bound and gagged, and a man found burned to death. the link that connects these two mysterious deaths. >> a quick breather from the rain. more wet weather is on the way. the totals this next system is expected to bring. >> coming up, a bay area school, where half the kindergarteners are not vaccinated.
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happening now, the oakland city council is considering whether to go ahead with plans to build a surveillance center. tonight, city staffers and firefighters spoke in favor of the project. saying it would help fight crime, and provide valuable information during emergencies. right now members of the public are speaking and many are opposed to this project, citing privacy issues. it would be monitored round-the- clock. new information is coming out about a burned body found at an apartment complex in oakland. we've learned that the victim was related to another person, also found dead under mysterious circumstances. the man's body was found last weekend at the complex on 34th
10:40 pm
avenue, after neighbors reported a fire. the alameda county coroner's office identifies the man as richard fang. this is the same complex where a woman died last month. police say 77-year-old, susan thong had been tied up, and left to die. they said it was part of a home invasion. neighbors say, susan fong was richard's aunt. the fate of a convicted bank robber is now in the hands of a jury. byron williams faces life in prison if convicted in the attempted death of the chp officer. he was on his way to attack the aclu and the tides foundation to start a revolution, when he was pulled over for speeding in july of 2010. williams defense attorney says he fired at officers in self- defense after officers shot him
10:41 pm
first. wipes was shot four times dure -- williams was shot four times during the gun battle. $500 million in unpaid taxes. eight bay area companies are on the list. the top three that owe the most are university floor covering. and a and a also owe's about $900,000 in unpaid taxes. a warning about whales. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says whales may venture into the san francisco bay. they want boaters to watch out, saying if a mother and calf are separate, the younger whale
10:42 pm
could die due to separation. this video shows a blue whale lifting and flapping its fluke. it appears as if the orca bit the blue whale. the blue whale swam away. blues are the largest creatures on earth. we posted the full video on california may have a reputation as a state full of yoga practicing, health conscious. but the most fit state is montana. nevada is third. california comes in at number 8. mississippi is the most overweight state with more than 35% of its residents classified
10:43 pm
as obese. a preview tonight of a new tv series about the cosmos. >> in five minutes, bill martin's complete forecast, and when more rain should be arriving. >> up first, school children who are not immunized. ♪
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i wish i was made of money. i wish you were too.
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chances are, you're not made of money. so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save. crews are working to repair a broken water main in oakland. east bay mud tells us, it's a very old 16-inch line that has a slow leak, and service to customers is not effected. relief may be on the way for homeowners in flood prone areas of the united states. today, the house of representatives voted overwhelmingly in favor ever a bill to block sharp increases in flood insurance rates. homeowners in flooded areas, including the delta saw sudden increases under a law that
10:46 pm
sought to stabilize the government's flood insurance program. the house bill calls for rolling back some rates, a understand more moderate increases of 5% annually, with a cap of 18%. a senate vote on the bill could happen by westbound's end. new confirmation about what many people already suspect. immunization levels are low at many schools and daycares in contra costa county. ann reuben shows us the new online tool that can help track immunization trends. >> reporter: hoping this map will help be a tool to fight the outbreak of the disease. parents can find out just how many kids there are vaccinated. at schools marked with red dots, more than 10% have opted out of immunization. >> these red dot schools are very vulnerable. because so few of their kids are vaccinated. >> reporter: vaccines for things like whooping cough, and
10:47 pm
polio are required, state law allows people to file a personal belief exemption, and increasing numbers are. >> 98% needs to be immune. if 10% or more opt-out, these diseases will return. >> reporter: according to the map, it currently has the highest number of families opting out of immunization at 50%. >> it's a really tough, complicated issue. >> reporter: school administrators say they too have a delicate balance. respecting parents decision, but also trying to do what they can to protect public health. they require non-immunized kids to stay home. for the new map tool, she says it's interesting. >> does it influence whether i come to the school or not? i probably won't look at it. >> reporter: they hope to make the maps easily accessible, more people will use it.
10:48 pm
vancy nation information for other counties is available on a state website, but in a different format. >> at we posted a link to the new vaccination map. you can find it under web links. a preview of a new ambitious project. it's a new fox tv show called cosmos. a space time odyssey. it explores 13 billion years in 14 episodes. tonight's preview was at the academy of arts and sciences in san francisco. it was a preview of the program that began in 1980. >> i remember seeing the first one when was 3 or 4 years old and what an impact it made on me. >> one young girl says it is important not just to accept what someone tells you, but
10:49 pm
look it up for yourself. on, we posted a question and answer session with the people of cosmos. tonight is the first night of san jose's city qwest. this year's film festival opened the screening of the grand seduction. it is a dress up affair for those who attend, it runs through the 16th. pretty nice out there today. we have clouds. morgan hill hit 69 degrees today. high temperatures could easily make it back into the upper 60s. mower mild, to warm day throughout the bay area. what's happening right now is weather systems are impacting the north part of the state. that's how this next one is going to go. we've got one coming in tomorrow night. the main impact will be between these two lines. in the bay area proper, we'll get light showers, maybe some
10:50 pm
sprinkles. most of it will be light. we're checking the radar. see this area here? that might be a little drizzle towards bodega bay. tomorrow night we get into a situation where we have more clouds, more moisture, and a chance of sprinkles late tomorrow night. just 2 degrees off 60 in san jose. warm air mass. it's not going to take much to get a little drizzle out of this. cloudy and mild outside tonight. in the next hour, the clouds will start to fill in. by tomorrow morning, it's cloudy when you wake up. the extended forecast calls for more showers into the bay area weekend. this is the computer model showing cloud cover tomorrow. then temperatures are going to pop in. there's going to be 70s showing up. right along the coast, a little patchy fog, you might find some
10:51 pm
upper 50s. so wednesday, we get some rain in here. the rain totals are going to be light. a 10th of an inch, a quarter inch. this is tomorrow night into thursday morning. then again, we get hit with a very similar weather system on saturday night, and sunday morning. it's going to impact the northern part of the state. the only big difference is this deal tomorrow night is going to have the potential to have wet roads on the morning commute. here we are tomorrow morning when you wake up, maybe some drizzle. here we are thursday morning, and here we are thursday afternoon. just kind of non-events. not that great. 68 in fairfield tomorrow. 67 in brentwood. in the five-day forecast, overnight wednesday into thursday morning, clouds, clouds, and then overnight saturday into sunday morning. none of it's a big deal unfortunately. on sunday, it could line up a little better. it's got time to develop.
10:52 pm
you get the picture, inclement weather, but nothing going to add to the reservoirs. >> thanks bill. joe is in for mark right now, and here to tell us about the warriors who are on a road trip, and doing okay right now. >> playing a team that had only lost previously three times all year. they were coming off a tough loss last sunday in toronto. steph curry, hot in the 1st quarter. golden state led by 4 after 1. the warriors managed this small lead. jordan hill, fouled by curry. throws up a blind shot that goes. the free throw put the pacers in front by a point late in the 3rd. green's shot won't go. harrison barnes hits 3 of his 10. clay thompson hits a bucket with .6 of a second to play.
10:53 pm
that gives the warriors a 98-96 win. one more game tonight in boston to end the six game trip. the warriors in the number 6 spot in the west with a win over dallas. facing a carolina hurricanes team that had won five in a row. shepherd goes behind the net to torrez. sets up burns nicely for the goal. hurricanes tied it. then both teams had their shots in the 3rd. to overtime. with just 42 seconds left, jay harrison finds an open net. just like that, it's over. the sharks do get one point, which has them 6 behind anaheim in the pacific, and in the number 4 spot in the west. we'll check in on things in
10:54 pm
the texas league when this tuesday night forecast continues. the giants have to be happy with what they see from a couple of starting pitchers. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom, what happened? stress, fun, bad habits, kids, now what? let's build you a better bed that senses your movement, heartbeat, breathing. sensors working directly with the air chambers. it's the all-new sleep number x12 bed. it tracks your sleep and tells you here's a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down. you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you and all you have to do is sleep. only at a sleep number store, try the unprecedented sleep number x12 bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
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the giants are a team built on pitching, so they have to be happy with what they saw from a
10:57 pm
pair of their starters today. madison bumgarner got a couple of runs of support. it was 2-1 san francisco in the 7th. then gary brown singled to score chris dominguez. ryan vogelsong allowed just 1 run in his 3 innings. the giants hang on for a 3-2 win. chicago's justin ruggiano with a two run homer off malone. he gave up 3 runs and 5 hits in his 3 innings. the cubs got 3 in the 8th and won 6-4. the same was the score for the other squad, but they were a 6-4 winner. >> the weather sure looked beautiful. >> yeah, i felt like heading down there. >> thank you for joining us. >> ktvu morning team will get
10:58 pm
you started at 4:30. we're also hear for you on twitter, and facebook, and good night. >> good night. ♪ [ music ]
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jay? have you seen the grapes? yeah, i ate them. why would you eat the grapes? they were in a bowl, they were washed, i paid for them. they were for the new year's. oh, right. what's that goofy thing again? it's not goofy. it's a tradition. at midnight, you eat 12 grapes, you make 12 wishes, 1 for each month of the year. and you really think that works? five years ago, i was a single mother living in a slum. today, i'm driving to palm springs in my new car with my rich husband. you do what you want. i'm eating the grapes. for new year's eve, we're taking phil and claire and mitch and cam to this amazing hotel i used to go to in palm springs. they got a whole package-- dinner, dancing, toast at midnight. i mean, what more do you need? grapes. (lowered voice) i said we'd stop on the way.